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From Stage 4 to Cancer-Free

We cannot give any guarantee in cancer treatment. The result may vary from case to case. See disclaimer

Savin’s Apiary receives cancer patients who were refused by the official medicine. Usually they are depressed after so many futile attempts to recover and almost have no faith in getting another chance. However, many of them are still safe and sound; they travel, bring up their children and grandchildren.

These people made a decision – to be strong and fight till final victory. One shall never lose hope. If there’s a real chance for recovery – use it.

If you are reading these lines, it means that traditional medicine most probably failed to help.

My 26 years of practice convinced me that there is no hopeless case. Although I cannot guarantee the result in case of stage 4 cancer, it is still too soon to give up. Dedicate 10 minutes of your time and study the information on this page; it may change your life for the better!

Who am I and why is it beneficial for you to listen to me?

My name is Vyacheslav Savin and I am the author of BioEnergoInformational apitherapy, Academician of the International Academy of Bioenergy Technologies. It has been 26 years since I have been treating people who were sent back home by traditional healthcare. It is primarily stage 4 cancer patients. Taking someone’s hope away is the worst thing an oncologist can do.

95% of our patients had already been in despair. And it is terrifying. So I tell people that it’s too soon to give up. Because I see it from my practice that any patient can recover. According to our internal statistics, 67% of people achieve positive treatment results!

Today doctors are standing first in queue for my treatment. One has to fight till the end and not lose hope. Apitherapy provides a real chance for a healthy life. All you need is to make the best use of it.

How can cancer patients’ immunity be restored?

I didn’t plan any discovery nor have any special interest in cancer treatment. This is how my destiny turned out – my bee medicines helped my first cancer patient back in 1988 and that success encouraged me. I couldn’t just stand aside and observe such great treatment results.

Doing your favorite thing and saving people – isn’t it a blessing? After that case we conducted clinical trials in Moscow 26 years of hard work towards achieving the highest quality composition of bee medicines – invention patents, international quality certificate and over 6,000 patients.

Bees are unique creatures. I witness it every day of my life. I use personally designed hives, I patented my bee medicines and have built the first ever bee house.

Today, my apiary is the biggest apiary in Europe. I was always interested in inventing something instead of doing as prescribed. I experimented a lot with composition of bee medicines and honey with increased biological activity is my own invention.

I haven’t simply invented a new cool name and I do not offer an “unprecedented method” like other “cancer fighters” do.

Many generations before us used bees for healing purposes. All truly efficient folk medicines have long ago become part of official (scientific) medicine and are widely used in drugs creation. As far as bees are concerned, they include: Apilac (CIS), Apiserum (France), Apifortil (Germany), Longivex (Canada) and many others.

The purpose of all best cancer treatment practices is to bolster the immune system in case of disease. Such practices are widely studied and promoted by the world’s most established scientific Institutes. Most famous of them is – Cancer Research Institute (USA). In 2011 its founders Bruce Beutler, Jules Hoffmann and Ralph Steinman received Nobel Prize for discovery of dendritic cells and their role in activation of immunity in cancer cases. And this study demonstrates that beekeeping products promote production of such cells.

Biologically active substances in bee medicines:

- Overall immunity boost and increase in leukocytes production in spleen.
- Block and destroy cancer cells due to increased level of T and B-lymphocytes.
- Launch purification and regeneration mechanism by stimulating protein synthesis in liver
from amino acids of royal jelly and pollen.

Body treatment method using bees’ biofield is my own patented know-how. It is especially effective after undergoing the bee medicines treatment session. Apiary sessions are integral part and are not less important than the administration of bee medicines. Biofield restores body’s defense mechanisms.

A person, being inside such house, literally feels this influence. I believe it tells us that our body as well as our entire life is not solely about biochemical and biophysical processes. Science is yet to discover many new things and that is why attempts to explain health problems only from this point are incomplete.

I suggest curing a living organism
with natural remedies

This is a two-tier treatment

- Administration of bee medicines restores the immunity and bees’ biofield affects human energetics.

Highly increased healing properties

- Due to the unique preparation technology, bee medicines possess increased biological activity. Numerous patents support this fact. Properties of plain honey are unfortunately not enough.

Good for all cancer types and stages

Treatment method affects the whole body. In healthcare it is called the biological therapy. The key here is the principle of body wholeness.