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Apiary Treatment Method

The treatment based on Savin's method includes 2 stages. First stage is taking of a special, patented bee medicine for cancer treatment - Immune honey. Second stage is visiting the apiary for treatment with bee colony's biofield. At the same time there is no direct contact between patients and bees, bees don't sting our patients. This technology was also patented. The goal of the entire session is cancer immunotherapy, activating the immune system to make it fight the disease. The treatment is absolutely toxic-free. Bee medicines are made of exclusive natural components and looks like honey. Please see below the short video about cancer treatment at the apiary.


Stage 1

A person starts taking bee medicines as prescribed.

According to numerous studies bee medicines possess anticancer properties. A professor from Japan, Yukio Sugimoto, who conducted the study of Artepillin C, which is part of bee products, in 2002 proved its efficiency in fighting oncology. His work was published in the most respected international magazine dedicated to fighting cancer “Cancer Letters”.
During the administration of bee medicines young and healthy cells are being regenerated. Human body experiences increased production of T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, which produce antibodies, that block and destroy cancer cells. Spleen starts producing leukocytes that boost the immune system. Liver produces proteins from royal jelly’s amino acids (26 types) and pollen (20 amino acids). It was proved that 10-dihydroxydecanoic acid, which is part of royal jelly, poses a threat to cancer cells leading to tumor destruction.

Stage 2

Visiting the apiary in Crimea for a bee house session.

This procedure clears human biofield from pathological accumulation of negative energetics and enriches vitality. We have patented the construction of a bee house and treatment method inside it. Bee house sessions are integral part of cancer treatment and are not less important than administration of bee medicines. It is not true that bees will sting you during the session. In reality bee house session looks like this.

This brown box is a hive. Bees get inside it through holes from the outside and they have no access to the house. A patient is resting on top of the hive and listening to the buzzing. Bees clearly feel that there is something in the patient’s body they need – the medicine you took before – so they react to it.

On May 23, 2011 the National Institutes of Health of the National Library of Medicine of the USA published results of the study of bee products in fighting cancer. It was established that the fundamental principle in oncology treatment with bee medicines is boosting the human immune system to such level where it is able to fight the disease on its own. Thus, not specific organs but the entire human organism is affected allowing application of bee medicines in many cancer types. In medicine it is called “the biological therapy”. The principle of organism entirety is the key aspect of this direction.

14-day remote administration of bee medicines

Initially the treatment occurs on the physical level by taking bee medicines.
Bee medicines can be ordered or purchased right from the apiary.

One-day session at the apiary

You enter the house and lie down on a hive. Bees enter the hive from the outside and they have no access inside the house.
Therefore, you rest on the hive and enjoy bees buzzing from underneath. Bees clearly feel that your body has something
they need – the medicine you took before visiting the apiary – so they react to it.

Final 20-25-day treatment

After visiting the apiary you return back home and continue the treatment.

Submit application
Order bee medicines
Start treatment
14 day
Visit to the apiary
1 day
Final session
20 day

The cost
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The number of sessions one has to take may vary from case to case. Usually it takes 1 or 2 sessions. After each session we recommend doing tests to monitor the treatment dynamics.

While we cannot guarantee the outcomes of cancer treatment

On the other hand we have been witnesses to the fact that our method really works. People are coming to the apiary every single day and we observe many cases with favorable outcomes.

And yes, sometimes our treatment doesn't help. Primarily it concerns advanced cancer stages, when patients are taking narcotic pain medications. Nevertheless even on such stages we have some success stories to share. The best way to find out whether it helps or not is to try it out. Don't give up and fight to the end. If there's at least the slightest chance - you have to use it the more so since our bee medicines will do no harm to your health unlike chemo.

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