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Savin’s Treatment Method – treating cancer with royal jelly

Immune Honey


Special honey-based bee medicine created to help cure cancer.



The treatment process consists of two stages: initially a patient has to take bee medicines and then visit the apiary for a bee house session.

27 years of practice
and 6,713 people who entrusted
their health to bees.

  • good for all cancer types
  • natural bee medicine
  • patented treatment method
  • outpatient treatment
  • immunity-boosting properties
  • energetics restoration properties
Things we use in treatment
How it works
We use natural bee medicine and bee colony biofield

This is a 35-day treatment session. Initially you need to take special bee medicine called Immune Honey at home for 14 days and then visit the apiary for 1 day to restore your body’s energetics with bees’ biofield. Then the medicine shall be administered at home for another 21 days. For more details go to Treatment method page

We have been treating cancer with bee medicines for over 20 years

During this time we have accumulated a great deal of practical experience in fighting this disease. You can check the statistics and some treatment cases. Please note that we cannot guarantee the ultimate result – it may vary from case to case.

Presently there are two approaches used in cancer treatment:

Affecting the underlying causes of disease Affecting the immune system and human energetics to restore all systems of organism and trigger natural recovery

Affecting the consequences of disease Direct destruction of tumors: cancer surgery, X-ray therapy, chemo

We believe that your organism can fight any disease on its own.
Our task is to help, stimulate and make it work.
Our experience shows that this is the right way.

  • What does Savin’s Apiary do

  • You don’t have to live in the Apiary, you will take your bee medicines at home
  • On-site Apiary treatment takes around 2-3 hours and shall be done only once
  • Before visiting the Apiary you will have to take bee medicines at home for 14 days
  • During the Apiary session bees won’t sting you
  • A single treatment session lasts for 35 days
  • Bee medicines are non-refundable