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On August 25, 2010 Vyacheslav Savin obtained his PHD in Correction of field structures. On August 28, 2010 he was elected as a full member and academician of the International Academy of Bioenergy Technologies.

Biography of Vyacheslav Savin

Academician Vyacheslav Savin is a beekeeper-apitherapist, author of bioenergoinformational bee therapy, best known beekeeper of Ukraine and owner of the biggest apiary in Europe. In 22 years he has developed a unique treatment which helped hundreds of people.

"My ancestors were beekeepers for 250 years. My first two hives I got as a present from my father when I was eight. “I don’t know what you will be when you grow up” – he said – “but I know bees will help you." Probably that’s the reason why I am so beezzed" – says Vyacheslav Savin, the best known apitherapist in Ukraine.

Savin is a fifth-generation beekeeper, who from 1989 has started using beekeeping products to cure people whom official medicine gave up on. Being an inventor and constructor, he has built some special houses in his apiary that combine bioenergetic therapy and the energy of native royal jelly-based products. He is the author of 20 patents and author's certificates for medicines and treatment using beekeeping products. In his card catalogue he has records of 125 cancer patients who didn’t have any relapses for five years since the treatment. Among other patients of Savin there is the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma V.V. Zhyrinovskiy, Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine V.M. Knyazevich, actor Gerard Depardieu and thousands of ordinary citizens.

In 2013 Savin’s Apiary hosted International Beekeeper Organization - Apimondia 2013, which was included in the program of visits of the Congress as the leading apiary of Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Savin is the holder of one of the most prestigious European awards in the sphere of medical science and technology - The International Award “UNITED EUROPE AWARD”, Great Britain, 2010.

  • What does Savin’s Apiary do

  • You don’t have to live in the Apiary, you will take your bee medicines at home
  • On-site Apiary treatment takes around 2-3 hours and shall be done only once
  • Before visiting the Apiary you will have to take bee medicines at home for 14 days
  • During the Apiary session bees won’t sting you
  • A single treatment session lasts for 35 days
  • Bee medicines are non-refundable