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What do you expect to hear when you are looking for a new remedy to fight cancer?

Most probably just another empty promise, such as:

«Rest assured that this highly efficient remedy will help you in cancer treatment!»

We cannot say anything of that sort because we take a practical view of the situation:
there is no 100% efficient cure for cancer.

On the other hand it is possible to cure cancer . That is why we are going to tell you about Savin’s bee medicines in a clear and concise manner so that you are able to make an informed decision on whether it’s worth your while or not.

We are also going to tell you about our product and why it works. Moreover, you will be able to see our certifications and patents and will get a chance to visit Savin’s Apiary to see everything for yourself. In certain cases we will also provide you with the contacts of people who achieved positive results so that you are able to speak to them personally.

We will also tell you the way our bee products are prepared. There is nothing exciting about this story – 26 years of continuous research, experiments and improvements, work around the clock, failures and successes. That’s how it works in the world of science.

Why is there no 100% cure for cancer?

Because cancer is an under-explored disease. No one knows for sure why it occurs. So how is it possible to cure something which is unclear and unexplainable?

That is why we unfortunately cannot guarantee anything. What we can do is provide you with statistics of positive cancer treatment results achieved through the application of Savin’s bee medicines:

Skin cancer positivity score
Lung cancer positivity score
Breast cancer positivity score

Complete statistics and treatment cases are available in the Results section. Results.

As you see from the above, the numbers vary depending on the type of cancer,
its stage and specific patient.

What do I do if traditional medicine
doesn’t help? This is the question we hear most often…

We suggest boosting your immune system to make your body fight the disease. Traditional treatment primarily focuses on killing cancer cells. So if this scenario doesn’t pay off it would be reasonable to employ different approach – trying to bolster the immunity to make the body fight the disease in natural way. These days immunotherapy is one of the world’s most innovative methods in cancer treatment.

A great deal of studies has demonstrated that malignant cells are formed and subsequently neutralized in our body on a daily basis. Human body consists of approximately 65 trillion cells. Around 10 billion of them perish daily and new ones are formed instead. This is the biological essence of life. This process is controlled by the immune system.

Around one million of those newly formed cells are mutant cells.
They are destroyed by the immune system, however, if the immune system fails, some mutant cells may avoid the fate of being destroyed. Scientists believe that such cells cause tumor growth.

Cancer occurs when the immune system fails and its defense mechanisms are disabled. That is why it is crucial to restart the immune system. There are two ways of doing that: fighting the consequences or trying to eliminate the problem itself.

How Savin’s natural bee medicines restart the immune system?

Here, at Savin’s Apiary, we use special bee medicine – Immune Honey.

It should be noted that Savin’s Immune Honey has little in common with plain honey. Immune Honey is an independent honey-based product (you can’t buy it from the market). Its healing properties are times higher than those of plain honey. It is made of 3 essential ingredients and prepared according to the patented technology.


bioactivity honey
Stem cells
of queen bee larvae


«Increased bioactivity honey»
  • 1Firstly, products used in making Immune Honey are collected from the most ecologically clean place of Crimea (natural reserve of Kubalach mountain). The nearest paved road is 6 km away from the Apiary. The height above sea level is 321 meters.
  • 2Secondly, bees process the honey up to ten times. And each time bees refine and optimize its composition with their enzymes and therefore enhance its medicinal properties. This is a patented technology available only at Savin’s Apiary.
  • 3Thirdly, bees enjoy special nutrition. They are being fed special concoctions that include juice of healing herbs growing next to the apiary. Additionally, we provide them with the rarest types of herbs brought from abroad. Savin’s bees drink silicon-vitalized water.
  • 4Fourthly, location of the apiary has to maintain its own biofield and microclimate – that is why so many bees are kept in one place. It is not feasible for getting plain honey for sale, but it is crucial for getting our bee medicines.
  • 5Fifthly, Savin’s Apiary is home to many different bee breeds, such as Italian, Carnica, Karpatka, etc. They are collectively involved in the production of Immune Honey. This plays an important role in proper arrangement of the Apiary and collection of bee medicine.
  • 6Sixthly, bees enjoy comfortable temperature inside the bee houses and the world’s biggest bee house (350 bee colonies) throughout the year. It is important because the less energy bees spend on maintaining the necessary temperature inside the hive, the more energy they have to collect the magic pollen (this also affects the product quality).
  • 7Seventhly, we use personally designed hives – each containing three queen bees. During the spring season it allows us to have 3 times more bees (in terms of quantity) than in regular hives. During the summer season they outnumber regular hives by 9 times.

As you can see, such microclimate, collection and production conditions are available only at Savin’s Apiary. Other apiaries won’t be able to offer the same for many different reasons, including lack of experience. Bee honey is easily digestible thanks to its composition that is biochemically akin to the human blood. It boosts the number of phagocytizing leukocytes, meaning that special blood and tissue cells (phagocytes) capture and destroy malignant growths and solid particles. Patients experience enhancement of body’s immunobiological responsiveness.


Royal jelly

The most powerful biological stimulator. We collect the highest quality royal jelly at the apiary.

Young bees feed bee larva with royal jelly. As a result of such rich nutrition larva grows 1600(!)-fold within 5 days only and becomes a queen bee with life span that is 30 times longer than that of an ordinary worker bee. It is an unprecedented case in the wild.

Royal jelly contains near 110 compounds including substances necessary for creation and existence of a living organism. On top of many valuable vitamins royal jelly contains 22 amino acids and over 15 microelements. All these properties are present only in fresh royal jelly.

Another very important factor is that composition of royal jelly also includes the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the amount of 230-240 ppm that carries inside hereditary information for general body recovery and provides tangible rejuvenation results by bolstering regenerative functions of cells and tissues.

Royal Jelly composition also includes 10-dihydroxydecanoic acid that destroys the growth of cancer cells.


Stem cells of queen larvae (Homogenate)

Stem cells of queen larvae are the pivotal ingredient of Immune Honey, which accummulates biologically active substances from stem cells of three-day old larvae of queen bee embryonic tissue.

Biologically active substances of larva’s stem cells serve as nutrition for human’s own stem cells. Stem cells are, by definition, special ‘body repair group’ that rushes down to the problematic zone to replace sick, damaged cells of an organ, in other words, performing regeneration process. Due to its ability to transform into any tissue, stem cells may be used for treating numerous diseases.

Modern medicine is able not only to grow and cultivate stem cells from a handful taken from an organism, but to transplant them as well. Stem cell treatment involves their transplantation into human blood channels.

However, in using human stem cells there is always a danger of getting various infections and hereditary diseases, which is why thorough inspection of the source of biomaterial prevents wider use of cell technologies in clinical practice. And that implies additional monetary burden on application of human stem cells.

Since stem cells of queen larvae are used as food for human stem cells – it is a unique chance to increase their natural production at no additional risk.


All the abovementioned bee ingredients
are mixed in proper proportions
in strict compliance with the patented

Each ingredient strengthens the effect of the other ultimately leading
to the creation of such unique
and efficient medicine as Immune Honey.

What exactly does the treatment include?

A 35-day treatment session includes 3 jars of Immune Honey, 100 g
each + we supplement this session with 1 liter of pollen.

By buying Savin’s Apiary products to fight cancer you are buying not only a product but a comprehensive treatment method.

This method includes visiting our apiary for special bee house sessions – treatment using bees biofield. And a colossal personal experience of Vyacheslav Savin which he obtained by observing and communicating with cancer-stricken patients – psychology, nutrition habits, mistakes, etc.

Each patient at the apiary is in direct contact with the author of the Method.

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