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Savin’s Apiary

Today our apiary is a bee therapy center that specializes in cancer treatment with patented bee medicines. We have been helping people for 27 years.

Savin’s Apiary is the biggest apiary in Europe. In 2015 we had over 1,100 in-house honey bee colonies. The apiary is located in the mountain steppe part of Crimea, Belogorsk district, in village Divnoe. It is the most ecologically clean place of Ukraine. Right behind the apiary there is a mountain Kubalach reserve, which is home to up to 100 types of medicinal and honey herbs.

Our primary activity is preparation of patented bee medicines. In the process of making bee medicines we feed the bees with compositions made of honey and herb juice derived from the use of special technologies.

In 2013 Savin’s Apiary hosted a meeting of the International Apicultural Congress Apimondia-2013 and was included in the official agenda of the Congress as the leading apiary of Europe.

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  • What does Savin’s Apiary do

  • You don’t have to live in the Apiary, you will take your bee medicines at home
  • On-site Apiary treatment takes around 2-3 hours and shall be done only once
  • Before visiting the Apiary you will have to take bee medicines at home for 14 days
  • During the Apiary session bees won’t sting you
  • A single treatment session lasts for 35 days
  • Bee medicines are non-refundable