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Europe’s largest apiary

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35-day treatment session

The treatment includes: royal jelly, immune honey, stem cells of queen bee larvae and pollen.

Proprietary Treatment Method


The treatment consists of two stages: initially patient has to take medicines,
and then visit the apiary for a bee house session.

Our primary goal is to help individuals

For that we use high-quality products made of the prized substances,
that were collected by very hard-working creatures.


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What is the difference between immune honey and plain honey?

In the treatment we use only immune honey. This special medicine of our own invention possesses a highly increased level of bioactivity. It is composed of royal jelly and stem cells of queen bee larvae. These components are precious and not easy to obtain.

Unfortunately plain honey cannot bolster the immune system in cancer patients; it needs more powerful remedy. That is why this bee medicine was created and we obtained all the necessary patents for this great invention.

Can beekeeping products really cure cancer?

A human being is a unique creation of nature bestowed with mechanisms of self-preservation and development, so there’s nothing really to invent here. Nature took care of everything and provided us with the immune system. What is a disease? Disease means the immune system failure and its inability to resist external influences for whatever reasons. However, here too, nature has endowed the immune system with the ability to develop defense mechanisms with time. Naturally, there are some cases when the immune system cannot resist diseases. This signifies of some serious problems. Today you can find a lot of studies supporting the fact that a human organism is capable of fighting any disease and of self-restoring. It simply needs some help to boost this process.

My method and medicines are designed to bolster the human immune system able to suppress the disease. Nature itself has taken care of it. That is to say that the effect of medicines is indirect as they do not affect the disease directly. In medicine this phenomenon is called “the immunotherapy”. At present this is one of the priority directions in the study of oncology by the world’s most prominent scientists.

Such medicines have no immediate effect (unlike a headache pill) they don’t work in 30 min, an hour, a day or a week. It is for this reason that one needs to take a long-term treatment session (to bolster the immune system). That is why we are not the ones who cure; we just help your organism to do the job.

I don’t want to/cannot visit the Apiary; can I get over-the-phone consultation?

Yes you can. Please call us from 9 AM to 8 PM at +1 (305) 728 86 24. Our consultants will tell you everything about the Method and give advice on things you can do in your specific condition. If you want to have a personal consultation with Vyacheslav Savin, the author of the Method, you are most welcome to contact him via email paseka.us@gmail.com. Also feel free to ask our online-consultants any additional questions.
  • What does Savin’s Apiary do

  • You don’t have to live in the Apiary, you will take your bee medicines at home
  • On-site Apiary treatment takes around 2-3 hours and shall be done only once
  • Before visiting the Apiary you will have to take bee medicines at home for 14 days
  • During the Apiary session bees won’t sting you
  • A single treatment session lasts for 35 days
  • Bee medicines are non-refundable